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Steve Kerr’s reaction to his championship ring was priceless

This video will put a smile on your face.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Things were pretty epic on Tuesday night at Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors unveiled their 2018 championship banner, and received their championship rings.

The rings are wild and crazy, as one would expect. This is, after all, a team owned by Joe Lacob, and a team trying to one-up themselves after two other recent championship celebrations.

Neither the players nor the coaches had seen the ring design when they approached Lacob to receive theirs, so their reactions were pretty great. But none were as great as Steve Kerr’s, as the microphones caught him exclaiming, “Holy mackerel! Look at that thing!”

Not surprisingly, Kerr was the butt of many social media jokes for his reaction, but, in typical Kerr style, he responded by poking further fun at himself.

While Kerr’s turn of phrase was funny, his amazement was understandable. Just look at these things!

Yeah, “holy mackerel” seems about right.

Kerr has now received eight NBA championship rings - pretty safe to say this is the most glitzy of the group.

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