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Warriors top ESPN and Five Thirty Eight Projections

Surprised? We’re not.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing says foregone conclusions these days like reading NBA projections where you will more than likely find the Golden State Warriors perched firmly at the top.

Based on their real plus-minus metric, ESPN projects that the Warriors will win 60 games this season and have the best record in the league.

Notable projections include the Utah Jazz winning 53 games and finishing second in the West, while the Rockets land at third, winning 51 games The Lakers are projected to win 41 games and finish as the eighth seed.

In the East, the Raptors are projected to be the first seed at 55 wins and the Celtics as the second seed with 53 wins.

In addition to reflecting the talent level of the teams, ESPN’s projections takes the schedule in consideration.

Five Thirty Eight, the site that infamously projected that the Warriors had a four percent chance to win the title last season, has the Warriors finishing the season with a 64-18 record and a 49 percent chance to win the title. Notable projections for Five Thirty Eight include the Raptors finishing with the second best record in the league at 56-26 with an 11 percent chance to win the title. The Celtics are projected to win 55 games and they have a nine percent chance to win the title.

Five Thirty Eight will update their player projections and team depth charts as the season progresses.

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