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Steph Curry on winning MVP: “I’m blessed to have three rings. I’m good.”

The two-time MVP knows that a third trophy wouldn’t be easy, but he’s okay with that.

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Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Steph Curry already has two MVP awards. And as the engine that makes the best team in basketball - the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors - run, you’d think he’d be considered a frontrunner for a third.

But Curry knows that’s not the case. While Curry may be the most vital cog for the Warriors, he still shares the court with Kevin Durant - a player unanimously viewed as occupying the same tier as Curry.

Curry knows this, and he’s more than okay with it. In an article in The Athletic, Marcus Thompson II caught up with Curry to discuss the odds of a third MVP trophy being added to his collection.

“I don’t care,” Curry is quoted as saying. “I just know the narrative isn’t there so I would have to go above and beyond. So, it’s whatever. I’m blessed to have three rings. I’m good.”

That’s a dynamite quote, and it’s hard to argue with. The narrative isn’t there for Curry the way it is for solo stars such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, or elite players primed to lead their teams to new heights, like Kawhi Leonard or Joel Embiid.

With that said, Curry winning another MVP isn’t out of the question. He was near the top of most ballots before suffering an injury last season, and came out of the gates firing on Tuesday.

But, MVP or not, Curry is winning, and that seems to be all he cares about.

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