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NBA to offer a “professional path” for prospects, in lieu of college

The league is increasing the G League salaries for top players who

Utah Jazz v San Antonio Spurs - Game Two Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s a seemingly never-ending question: How should the NBA handle top High School prospects who would like to test the professional waters immediately, rather than spending a year at college?

The league currently has a one-year minimum rule, meaning that players are not allowed to join the NBA until they’ve been out of High School for at least one year. But they’re working to give young prospects a better option. The league is planning to allowed select players a “professional path”, by giving them $125,000 salaries in the G-League.

After one year in the G-League, those players would be eligible to enter the NBA Draft.

It’s worth noting that playing in the G-League is nothing new. Under the current system, players are allowed to join the G-League straight out of High School, they’re just limited to the base salary of $35,000. And, unfortunately, this isn’t indicative of the league reconsidering the one-and-done rule.

The question for the league is this: Will top players actually follow this path? Many are skeptical.

If a few elite prospects do start heading to the G-League, things could get interesting. Organizations can scout players a little bit better if they’re in the G-League, and get a feel for how they handle the size and physicality of professional basketball.

Of course, the easier solution would be to just eliminate one-and-done, which Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr seems on board with.

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