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Warriors poke fun at Fergie and Josh Duhamel in the locker room

This team is having way too much fun.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

We’re only 10 games into the NBA season, but there are already a lot of storylines that no one could have ever seen.

Namely this one: Draymond Green vs Josh Duhamel.

But here we are.

Duhamel made headlines this week, when he levied some very harsh criticisms at Green. The actor took umbrage to cameras catching Green giggling during the national anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, which was sung by Duhamel’s ex-wife, Fergie.

In a TV interview, Duhamel claimed that a “real man” would have reached out to Fergie to offer an apology for publicly laughing. The critique was more than a little cringe-inducing.

In addition to the fact that Duhamel’s claims were silly to begin with, there are two important things here. First, Green has gone on record saying he wasn’t laughing at Fergie’s performance, but rather at the fact that he was spacing out and then realized the camera was on him. And second, let’s be honest: I like Fergie, but the performance deserved to be laughed at.

Anyway, we’re getting to the real gold here. Neither Green nor the Golden State Warriors responded to Duhamel . . . until Friday. After the team beat the New York Knicks, they had a little fun in the locker room, dancing to a remixed version of Fergie’s performance.

I have no words. This is perfect. And I am streaming tears from laughing so hard.

I don’t even know what the best part here is. Alfonzo McKinnie breaking it down? Damian Jones gliding by? Green, Kevin Durant, and DeMarcus Cousins having the world’s greatest facial expressions?

It’s absolutely perfect.

In other news, Mama Green also had some thoughts on the matter, prior to the video:

I’m sorry, but if you don’t think the NBA is the best league in the world, you are simply wrong.

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