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Report: Altercation between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant carried into the locker room

A loss may not be the biggest issue for the Warriors after Monday’s game.

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Monday night did not go as planned for the Golden State Warriors, and tensions rose up late in the night. On the final play of regulation, in a tied game, Draymond Green grabbed a rebound with a little over 6 seconds remaining.

Kevin Durant, standing near Green under the hoop, called for the ball, but Green bee-lined up the court. With Klay Thompson streaking on the sideline, Green opted to push towards the hoop, and ultimately turned the ball over as the buzzer sounded.

Back on the bench, while the team waited for overtime to begin, Green and Durant started jawing at each other, with Andre Iguodala and DeMarcus Cousins eventually stepping in to try and calm the two All-Stars down.

The Warriors ultimately lost in overtime, and that seemed to be that.

But apparently that was not the case. According to reports, the altercation spilled into the post-game locker room, with numerous teammates calling out Green for his decision making.

In a longer report, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J Spears noted that Green’s insistence that he had made the right decision played a large role in things escalating. With that said, the report notes that, “No one had to be separated, no player left his side and no hint of physicality loomed in the setting, sources said.”

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