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Warriors vs. Rockets: Injured Steph Curry in Houston to support team

The Warriors will face the Rockets in Houston with their leader sidelined, but present.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With all the nonsense floating around DubNation, it’s sort of nice that the Golden State Warriors are facing a team like the Houston Rockets tonight.

While the Warriors do have some serious drama swirling around them right now — and perhaps dividing DubNation to some extent — the Rockets have started their season by whining about other people’s saliva and slowly figuring out that Carmelo Anthony is probably closer to retirement than productive basketball through experimentation in actual NBA games.

Turns out that Melo wasn’t the answer to a poor offseason in which the Rockets lost a couple of key wing contributors and the team is off to a 6-7 start.

Okay ... so maybe I’m trying a bit too hard to ignore our own dramas ... but there couldn’t possibly be a better time to face a struggling Rockets team than right at this moment, am I right?

Steph Curry is making this trip despite the injury and there’s hope that his presence will help the team come together during this period of interpersonal adversity.

Anyway, time to focus on some actual basketball ... and, at the very least, Steph’s impact on the Warriors is pretty much certain to have a larger positive impact than Melo’s did on the Rockets.