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Warriors vs. Rockets final score: Golden State gets blown out, 107-86

The Warriors’ offense never found its rhythm resulting in a season-low 86 points in a really ugly loss on the road without Steph Curry.

Milwaukee Bucks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If you were eagerly awaiting a superficial on-court display of reconciliation between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green in tonight’s game in Houston, you got that relatively quickly.

If you have been watching the play of the big man rotation closely, Kevon Looney scoring a season-high 12 points in 18 minutes might have given you a sense of satisfaction.

And if you were looking for a way to prove the injured Steph Curry’s value as the top player and leader of this team in the midst of controversy, tonight’s 107-86 loss to the Houston Rockets probably gave you a bit of that as well.

Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 20 points, but only shot 6-for-15. With Curry out, Durant and Klay Thompson combining to shoot 11-for-31 simply wasn’t good enough. To underscore the Warriors’ shooting struggles throughout the night, they were 0-for-6 from the 3-point line until late in the second quarter when Jacob Evans III hit the first three of his career.

The result: a season low scoring output of 86 points, as Bob Fitzgerald reminded you multiple times if you watched the local broadcast.

Andre Iguodala started the game at point guard instead of Quinn Cook, but it only served to accentuate the Warriors’ problems with spacing and shooting as they never really found their rhythm offensively.

Throughout the night, the Warriors’ considerable talent was undermined by inactive offense, miscommunication, and trying to force scoring opportunities on a cold night. Had it not been for relatively poor defense on the Rockets’ end, the outcome of this game could’ve been even worse. It’s just that every time the Warriors tried to go on a run, the Rockets seemed to hit another three to hold on to the lead.

The Warriors (43.2%) actually outshot the Rockets (36.4%) in the first half, but turnovers and their inability to hit threes left them down six points at halftime, 47-41. Things only got worse in the second half as the Rockets ran away with the game, flirting with a 20-point advantage that they finally found in the fourth quarter after a series of 3-point bombs.

In short, Steph Curry’s presence was really missed tonight ... and he is going to be out for the remainder of this road trip. So let’s just hope he recovers quickly so we don’t have to endure anymore clunkers like this.