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Preview: Warriors, wounded in more ways than one, take on the Mavericks without Curry and Green

Alfonzo McKinnie (left foot soreness) is also questionable. This could be ugly.

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NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors

There are some deep wounds running through the soul of our Golden State Warriors right now. As Anthony Slater puts it, the healing (to that extent that it’s happening) is akin to putting Neosporin to a fresh wound that’ll need much more to fully heal.

The return to normalcy is going to be a slow process and one made especially difficult with Stephen Curry only able to support the team from the bench. He’s still out for another week and a half while he heals up from a groin injury.

Game Details

WHO: Warriors at Mavericks

WHEN: Saturday, November 17; 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: American Airlines Center — Dallas, TX


LISTEN: 95.7 The Game

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The Mavericks? Yeah, maybe...

The Dallas Mavericks made headlines after their last game, when they blew out a very good Utah Jazz team by fifty. FIF. DEE. It’s been a recent turnaround for a Mavericks team that started off by losing seven of their first nine games — but they’ve flipped it around by winning four of their last five games.

The story of the season so far has been Luka Doncic, who leads all rookies with 19 points per game and displays a nice handle and feel for the game. Some of it is being on a team willing to feature him immediately, but it’s notable that he’s scored more at this point in his rookie season than any other teenager ever — except for one Kevin Wayne Durant who did it back in 2007.

It’s still relatively early in the season, but the Mavs look drastically improved over last season. It isn’t just that they added Deandre Jordan or that Harrison Barnes is thriving now that most of the play-making pressure rests on someone else’s shoulders. Rather, it’s a combination of all of these things and much more. This is a team that is banking hard on internal improvement to turn their fortunes around.

Boy, are the Warriors beat up right now

Metaphysical/mental issues aside, the Warriors are simply beat up right now as they continue to feel the injury bug pinch.

Cousins and Curry were expected, but the addition of Green to the injury list is new.

It’s not totally unexpected, as he mentioned that he spent his one-game suspension icing and resting said toe. Already working through some early season knee soreness, his toe injury was sustained when a player kicked up underneath his shoe a couple of games ago. Against the Rockets, he played one of his worst games as a Warrior, so I’m actually glad to see him get a little rest again.

Unfortunately, that leaves the cupboards a bit bare.

Without Green and Curry, the Warriors have bigger problems than just getting along with each other

We already were slated to be without Curry (and of course, Cousins), so if Alfonzo McKinnie is out as well it shortens our rotation to almost untenable levels — especially with a back-to-back coming up on Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs.

The Warriors have not historically looked great without Curry in general, but maybe this will simplify the game a bit and help the team get back to their roots.

On paper, Golden State still holds the edge over the Mavericks. Even short-handed and emotionally scarred they can win this game if they come out and get it. Against the Rockets, it felt like the team was just sort of happy to be there — let’s see if they’re ready to get back to playing that beautiful Warriors basketball that we all know and love.