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Warriors remain ice cold, fall to Spurs 104-92

The champs shot a pathetic 5-of-26 from beyond the arc, but gave a spirited late effort that fell short in San Antonio

NBA: Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs downed the Golden State Warriors 104-92, sealing three straight losses in the state of Texas for the champs on this road trip.

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson were sleepy early, but woke up late, leading the Dubs with 26 and 25 points scored respectively. However, they were a combined 19-of-51 from the field, 4-of-19 from beyond the arc.

Quinn Cook had a career high 8 rebounds to go with his 16 points, and his energy spurred the Warriors comeback attempt. Unfortunately, missing Stephen Curry and Draymond Green meant the starters didn’t have enough firepower to finish off the Spurs.

Lamarcus Aldridge was a beast for the Spurs, tallying 24 points and 17 rebounds. DeMar Derozan chipped in 20, and Rudy Gay added 19 of his own.

First Half

After faltering down the stretch of a marquee small forward matchup with (rival?) Harrison Barnes last night, Durant seemed determined to show out early against his old friend from the “DMV”-area, Spurs forward Rudy Gay.

Unfortunately, it was as if the Monstarz had stolen both he and Klay Thompson’s shooting ability, as they combined for a garish 8-for-24 from the field for the half.

The champs couldn’t buy a three early on, shooting 1-for-13 after two quarters. They shot 40% from the field, and the offense devolved into Durant or Thompson throwing up something horrendous from 20 feet.

At least we got our usual Damian Jones SUPER JAM.

It’s tough to watch when a jump-shooting team goes ice-cold; the monotonous thud of the ball thudding against the rim through my TV lulled me into a near comatose state. Still, I held out hope for a flurry from the wounded champs in San Antonio.

Spurs 56, Warriors 48

Second Half

As the second half droned on, the engaged Spurs took advantage of the Warriors’ wearied legs. Durant and Thompson struggled to generate decent looks as their teammates had difficulty getting Steve Kerr’s motion offense humming. The Spurs’ defense was disciplined as always and took advantage of the Dubs’ constant misfires.

The Spurs lead ballooned to as much as 18 in the third quarter, but the Dubs refused to just get blown the hell out in three quarters, cutting the deficit back down to 9. Durant and Cook led the comeback effort to finish the third, and a window of hope cracked open.

Kevon Looney was tasked with not only defending All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge, but also battling him on the boards. It was epic watching the smaller Loon give his all wrestling with the Spurs giant, and he did a decent job making Aldridge work.

The Dubs got it to within three points in the fourth quarter but fell victim to a few curious foul calls down the stretch when the Spurs’ offense ran out of options and started hurling their bodies at the rim.

Still, the Dubs didn’t do themselves any favors with some critical turnovers in the fourth quarter.

They held the Spurs to 44% shooting in an admirable defensive effort, but their own offense failed them as they shot 40% from the field, 5-of-26 from beyond the arc.

Moving On

There are no moral victories in the NBA. But hey, this team didn’t give up despite being in blowout territory, and this road trip from hell is finally wrapped up without someone ELSE getting hurt. Sheesh.

It was an entertaining game, and I’m sure some of those triples will fall when we get back to Oakland. Enjoy your Sunday evening, folks!