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Warrior Wonder: Veteran perspective in the face of adversity

With two days of rest for the Warriors coming up, let’s pause for a moment to put everything that’s happening in perspective.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Every time I hear about what a troubling time this is for Golden State Warriors fans, I’m almost immediately reminded of the degree to which we’re wallowing in first world problems.

First of all, nobody is really thinking that the Warriors are at-risk of falling short of a third consecutive NBA title, the fourth in five years. Anybody that is contemplating that possibility should probably consider that if this team could overcome a 3-2 deficit in the Western Conference Finals against an exceptional opponent, they can probably overcome an argument between two of their four All-Stars (or shall I say two of their five All-Stars since DeMarcus Cousins is still rehabbing and seems to be on track to contribute this season). And while I’m sure reasonable people could disagree on this, there isn’t a threat of the caliber that the Houston Rockets were last year — crown the Milwaukee Bucks if you like, but a rational look at the situation would probably lead one to conclude that the Warriors are still the clear favorites to win the NBA title.

As Hugo Kitano wrote for us the other day, we’ll be fine this season.

For the most part, we’re all worried about whether this team can keep it together beyond this year to win more than four titles in five years. And, sure, maybe Durant does leave. Maybe this little argument does play a role in that. But the bottom line is that this is adversity that a great team with players as great as we assume the Warriors have will find a way to overcome — somehow, we’ve just grown accustomed to this fantasy land in which we fully expect to make a fifth straight NBA Finals.

As Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after last night’s loss to the once-mighty San Antonio Spurs — who reigned for about two decades among the elite before time remained undefeated — the Warriors have lived a “charmed” existence for the entirety of his tenure and what they’re facing now is what you call “adversity,” which has remarkably become something of a foreign state of affairs for this franchise.

Let’s sit with that sentiment for a moment: there are people trying to pass off an argument and losing 4 out of 5 games in November at less than full strength (only slightly less significant than losing three of four regular season games in April at less than full strength) as a crisis. And while it has not been the norm around these parts, we must first acknowledge how absurdly high the bar has been set around these parts.

So shout out to Shaun Livingston for keeping it simple as the world searches for drama to complicate a pretty straightforward situation.

This two-day break in action couldn’t have come at a better time.


Who was your Warrior Wonder for the Warriors’ loss to the Spurs?

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    Shaun Livingston
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