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Kevin Durant reacts to his fine

He knew it was coming, and explained his frustration.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Not surprisingly, Kevin Durant was hit with a $25,000 fine for confronting a fan during the Golden State Warriors loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday. The fine seemed about right, given the word choices Durant went with, but still . . . $25,000 is a whole lot of cheddar, even for a person making eight figures.

Here’s the great part, though: Durant found out about the fine while filming a podcast with NBA insider Chris Haynes, who gave the superstar the scoop. And as a result, we get to see Durant’s live reaction to the news. It’s a cool insight into his thoughts and life. Check it out:

“I knew I was gonna get fined, but how much did they fine me?” Durant asked, when Haynes told him he’s been fined. Upon hearing the figure, Durant is stoic, before responding with, “More fans should understand what [Durant’s statement towards the Dallas fan] means. Grown men can come to a game and heckle grown men. That’s corny. That’s weak. You come into a game to heckle another grown man - ‘You soft, you weak, Draymond this, Draymond that, you a bitch’ - like, you’re going to sleep as a grown man doing that to another person.”

Hard to argue with Durant on that one, but it’s pretty fascinating and cool to see his reaction.