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Kevin Durant says the altercation with Draymond Green won’t impact his free agency decision

Who knows what KD will do, but, according to the man himself, the team’s current drama won’t play a role.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been an ugly week and change for Kevin Durant. The spat he had with Draymond Green during - and after - an overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers became very public, and very personal. His reaction in the following days suggested he was still hurt, and his play on the court was below his standards.

But if you think that will play a role in what Durant does next, you are, according to him, wrong. In a long sit down with Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, Durant made it clear that his upcoming free agency will not be impacted by his altercation with Green.

Durant said that the situation with Green won’t be a factor this summer, stating that, “Because at the end of the day, I’m just a ballplayer that’s just trying to be in a great environment to play basketball and groom my skills every day. And I want to compete on a level that once the game starts, I’m just totally comfortable with my surroundings, with just going out there and being me.”

Interestingly - and encouragingly - Durant also said that his pain from the situation came from the media avalanche and questions from the outside, not from Green’s remarks. “I never really felt like it was a problem, because I know Dray and he says some crazy [expletive] out his mouth all the time,” KD explained.

The whole interview is worth reading, and it does make it clear that Durant is unhappy with the overwhelming media coverage of off-court affairs, but it certainly seems like all is okay with the dynamic between KD and Green.