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Injury Update: Steph Curry will hopefully return during the upcoming road trip

The Warriors superstar could be back on the court before too long.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Every day, we’re inching closer to Steph Curry finally returning. And even with the Warriors blowout win against the Portland Trail Blazers, it’s clear that the team is in dire need of their superstar point guard.

And thankfully, he may be back soon.

Curry was evaluated on Saturday, before the ninth-straight game that he would miss. The team determined that he is ready to increase the intensity of his workouts, and should begin practicing this week. The team is hoping that he’ll return for at least part of the team’s upcoming road trip, which starts on Thursday, November 29 in Toronto, and ends on Friday, December 7 in Milwaukee.

With Curry on the court, the Warriors have waltzed to a 10-2 record. Without him, they’ve struggled to the tune of 3-5. They’ll have to get through a few more contests with Curry in street clothes, but hopefully he’s back very soon.