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Steph Curry puts Oakland on his back for SLAM magazine cover

SLAM takes a trip to the heart of Oakland to get a major photoshoot with the greatest point guard alive and celebrate the tight bond of the future Hall-of-Famer and “The Town”

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Greatest point guard alive and face of the Golden State Warriors franchise Stephen Curry just reminded the planet of a major fact: he’s reppin’ Oakland.

SLAM Magazine, a publication that excels at expressing the intersection of basketball and culture, released a behind-the-scenes look at Curry’s homage to “The Town”. Curry met in downtown Oakland with children and legends for an awe-inspiring photo shoot.

The huge spread, entitled “Heart of The Town: Stephen Curry Is Chasing One More Ring for Oakland” by Alex Squadron, features a who’s who of Bay Area bosses, including:

  • Al Attles, Golden State Warriors legend, former teammate of Wilt Chamberlain, and the coach of the 1975 championship Warriors team.
  • #1 Warriors fan and Bay Area hip hop tycoon E-40 aka Earl Stevens aka The Ballatician aka the Hood Narrator.
  • Andre Ward, one of the greatest boxers of all time, Oakland’s very own, aka “Son of God”
  • Mistah Fab, one of the biggest innovators of Oakland’s “Hyphy” movement, and cousin of Oakland Raider Marshawn Lynch.
  • Marcus Thompson II, homegrown columnist who writes for “The Athletic” publication.

Here are some of the juicy excerpts from SLAM’S must-read piece:

“Personally, I thank Oakland for embracing me as one of their own,” Curry says. “For giving me a new home, for giving me a sense of pride and something to play for.”

They even quoted Unanimous’ barber in the mix.

“Me knowing Steph, and knowing how much the city means to him,” his barber Yusef says, “there’s no doubt that not only the work that he’s done, but the work that he’ll continue to do in The Town, will be everlasting.

“There’s a bit of a gloomy cloud with the departure to San Francisco. But what was started here, what was created here, what was born here, is love.”

And then Curry cemented the level of importance of walking out of Roaracle with a three-peat.

And there is no denying a special yearning, both in Stephen and in the Oakland community, to finish this thing the right way.

“We’ll have a lot of fun reminiscing when it’s all over,” Curry says. “But we got some more work to do.”

For now, he’s focused on one more run. For himself and his teammates, sure, but also for Oakland.

For The Town.

(S/O BornInDaEB for posting a FanShot about this first.)