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This Week in Weaponized Joy: Durant and Klay trade game winners

The shorthanded Warriors get back to their winning ways behind dramatically brilliant performances from their two uninjured All-Stars

Orlando Magic v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ah yes, there’s nothing like “Weaponized Joy”.

It is the fuel of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, the stuffing in the Thanksgiving turkey, the high-five between two best buds, the scene where Will Smith curses out the aliens in “Independence Day”.

After an eye opening loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Warriors had enough of trash basketball and found basketball joy again. They played spirited contests against the Blazers, Kings, and Magic, and finished with three wins in a row.

Here are the most joyous moments!

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”/ Klay nails game winner over 7-footer

Klay Thompson eschews his trademark long-ball to go beast mode at the rim for the win.

Why this should be #1:

Defenses want Klay to put the ball on the floor and dribble at all costs. He’s arguably the deadliest catch-and-shoot player of all time, and a clutch performer at that. So when the Kings closed out and prevented the deep bomb, I’m sure they felt relatively comfortable.

It’s a credit to Klay’s greatness that he took what the defense gave him, and boldly forayed into the paint to finish Sacramento off for good.

“Sitting On Top of the World”/KD reminds C.J. who is on top

KD emphatically rejects C.J. McCollum’s shot at the top of it’s arc.

This has to be #1 because: Per chance, do you remember when C.J. had KD on his podcast over the summer to complain about the Warriors being so dominant? Remember KD telling C.J. not to worry about what goes on at the “top of things”? Do you recall the NBA2K19 trailer showing Durant blocking McCollum before the season started?


“If You Don’t Know Me By Now”/Durant buries Orlando with signature iso dagger

Durant caps an 18 point comeback at home against the Magic with the same shot he’s been hitting for years.

This is absolutely #1 because: This is Kevin Durant’s favorite thing to do. Watch the clock wind down, hunch his 7-foot frame down over his petrified opponent, and slowly dribble with sinister intentions towards the three-point line.

He doesn’t need a screen.

He doesn’t need some other Warrior to come and run some elaborate off ball movement.

He is the Slim Reaper, called to rip souls out whoever is in front of him with the game on the line.

The poor defender tried to defend it by giving space to stop a potential drive, while remaining close enough to contest. That might work on most human beings. But not on this cataclysmic force of nature known as KD.

The Warriors brought him here because sometimes it’s refreshing to simply give the ball to one of the GREATEST SCORERS IN THE HISTORY OF BASKETBALL and just let him crush dreams.

I don’t wanna hear anybody crying anymore about “omg KD Iso isn’t Warriors basketball” until at least 2019. Warriors basketball is about weaponizing joy and kicking ass. The man is going for 40+ points and drilling daggers; he’s absolutely earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!


Who weaponized the most joy this week?

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  • 40%
    Klay’s game winner over a 7-footer
    (74 votes)
  • 17%
    KD rejects CJ and his podcast
    (32 votes)
  • 41%
    KD buries signature dagger to complete Orlando comeback
    (75 votes)
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