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Stephen Curry is scrimmaging, soon to return

The heart of the Warriors is almost back in action.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors have been in a funk since Stephen Curry’s groin sprain, and although they’re beginning to find their way, every game is still a grind. Thankfully, Curry is almost ready to return, and looks spry and healthy in practice.

Earlier this week, the Warriors announced Curry would likely return during the team’s upcoming five-game roadtrip, meaning he could play as early as Thursday against the Raptors. Barring any setbacks, Steph should be return in about a week’s time.

He’s progressed enough to scrimmage with the rest of the team, veiled away the eyes of media.

The impact of Steph’s return couldn’t be overstated: he’s the engine that drives the Warriors’ elite offense, the person who can bring everybody on the team together. Not only will they win games when he returns, but he should be able to sew up some of the rifts in the locker room.

Before his injury, Curry was playing amazingly, up to the lofty efficiency he managed in his unanimous MVP 2015-2016 season. He and Kevin Durant were playing off each other perfectly, and the team was successfully avoiding the regular season slog they weren’t able to escape last year. The Warriors aren’t the same team without him handling and shooting the ball.

But keeping the stars healthy is most important for the team. The Warriors will be the overwhelming favorites for the championship as long as they avoid injury, and they must keep looking forward to that final goal. Please, basketball goods, keep Steph healthy.