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This Week in Weaponized Joy! Dubs grant wishes and show new tricks

DeMarcus Cousins watched with glee as his new buddies granted him a request, while the Harlem Globetrotters came into town and taught the Dubs some magic

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Ah yes, there’s nothing like “Weaponized Joy”.

It is the fuel of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, the bright sunlight on a beach day, the colorful glow that circles around Bruce Leroy in the brilliant kung-fu parody, “The Last Dragon”.

And my, how it was poured out on the NBA last week. The reigning, defending, back-to-damn-back champions welcomed Anthony Davis’ feisty New Orleans Pelicans, and Jimmy Butler’s disgruntled Minnesota Timberwolves. Let’s see which Warrior sparked the hottest lituation in Oakland last week!

“Sweet Georgia Brown” - Curry practices with the Harlem Globetrotters

Steph Curry learns new ways to break the league from the most famous hoop troupe of all time.

Why this should be #1: How did the rest of the NBA feel when this video came across the newsfeed? Did they just burst into rage-filled tears when they say “Unanimous” spending precious practice time assimilating the techniques of the world famous, magical, basketball troupe, the Harlem Globetrotters?

“I Get Around”-Dubs break Minnesota with superb passing

It took seven passes and eighteen seconds to completely shred Minnesota Timberwolves head coach and defensive guru Tom Thibodeau’s defense on a first quarter possession.

This is #1 because: It’s so mesmerizing. The Warriors busted out a Globetrotters passing sequence in a real NBA game against a playoff team.

“My Buddy”- Boogie revels in Warriors’ beat down of Pelicans

The Warriors grant DeMarcus Cousins his wish against his former squad, giving him plenty to cheer about in his most animated night yet as a Warrior.

Vote this for #1 because: So, word on the street is our rehabbing behemoth DeMarcus Cousins let his new Warriors teammates know he’d like them to crush his former squad, the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans didn’t give “Boogie” the contract he expected after he tore his Achilles’ tendon attempting to lift that franchise back into title contention.

The Warriors did as he requested, and nobody in the building enjoyed it more than Cousins.


Which moment weaponized the most joy?

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  • 21%
    Curry + Globetrotters
    (44 votes)
  • 51%
    Warriors + Globetrotter skills
    (105 votes)
  • 26%
    Boogie + Boogie’s wish being granted
    (53 votes)
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