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Be like the NBA players: go vote (because it is extremely important)

Please vote! Here are a bunch of resources to help you. Remember that it’s never too late - you can even register at the polls!

No matter where you land on the political spectrum, we can all agree that actually voting is more important than just about anything else you can say or do.

The Golden State Warriors are working hard this year to get the message out: vote.

Vote like your life depends on it. And don’t feel like you don’t know enough (like seriously, how am I supposed to care about who goes on the BART board of directors, anyways?). There’s no shame in missing a lot of this, but there’s also no excuse for not voting these days.

Even Warriors players are getting registered! As part of their ongoing “Rock the Vote” initiative Warriors officials said they registered seven Warriors players, two assistant coaches and a dozen other staff members. Be like the Warriors!

On Tuesday, November 6th voters across the United States will take to the polls and vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections on everything from local and regional representation, to citywide ballot initiatives. Even if you aren’t super dialed in to politics, it behooves you to vote. Even Kevin Durant, who abstained in the last big election, is poised to vote this time around:

“I didn’t feel confident enough to vote in the last election,” the Warriors’ All-Star forward says. “I didn’t feel like I’d be doing the right thing if I voted for either one of those candidates. So now I feel like it’s a perfect time to let my voice be heard.”

Here at Golden State of Mind we just want to support you

While we aren’t afraid of proselytizing, I wanted to take a step back from partisan ideals and just provide some voter resources and encourage anyone who is reading this to go out and vote on Tuesday.

Step one: Figure out where to vote

If you are voting in person, has an extremely handy little tool that you can use to find out where your voting location is.

Click here, just input your registered address, and it will give you your location.

Step two: Familiarize yourself with the issues

Whether you follow politics closely or not, the mid-term election can be a dazzlingly complex puzzle to unravel for voters. I know that I received between three and ten mailers a day recently, imploring me to support or vote against various propositions and politicians.

For me, I’ve found that some assistance is required.

For progressives, the League of SF Voters is a fantastic starting point, with links to various regional elections and all ballot measures. What I like about their guide is that they actually provide some discussion and rationale for their choices.

Another option that might be a bit more neutral is the election guide. It gives an overview of what each of these positions actually does and has video interviews with many of the candidates for the biggest races.

That said, don’t just accept one opinion and assume it’s true — ask around, read up on the issues; educate yourself. We have an entire internet’s worth of information out there so please take advantage of it.

Step(h) three: Don’t boo, vote!

In California, we are encouraged to vote: there aren’t any weird voter ID laws or anything, in fact, you can stroll right in to your polling location and register AND vote right there on the spot.

You can also register to vote in person. Contact your local election office for information on when and where to register to vote. The deadline to register to vote in person is Tuesday, November 6. Conditional voter registration is a safety net for Californians who miss the October 22 deadline to register to vote or update their voter registration information. Voters can use the conditional voter registration process from October 23 all the way through Election Day. Eligible citizens can go to their county election office or a designated satellite location to register and vote conditionally. These ballots will be processed once the county elections office has completed the voter registration verification process.

You can also register to vote and cast a ballot in person on Election Day.

Good luck everyone, and happy voting!

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