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Omri Casspi received his championship ring on Monday

An old Warrior got his hardware when Memphis came to town.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Media Day Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Omri Casspi’s tenure with the Golden State Warriors was, by and large, not exactly what either side envisioned. The veteran forward was signed in the 2017 offseason to provide the Warriors with veteran intangibles and three-point shooting, and to help stabilize a potentially weak bench.

But Casspi struggled to fit in, and was hesitant to shoot. He attempted just 22 threes on the year, and made only 10. Beyond that, the team apparently was not enamored with Casspi’s attitude as his minutes dwindled, and they ultimately cut him so that they could sign Quinn Cook for the playoffs - a move that the players reportedly pushed for.

Still, Casspi was a member of the team, and he had a fair share of bright moments in a bright season. And for that, he deserves to be rewarded.

And he was. On Monday night, with the Memphis Grizzlies - Casspi’s new team - in town, Golden State presented him with his 2018 championship ring, as well as a great video tribute.

The Warriors have moved on to Jonas Jerebko, who appears to be a better fit, while Casspi has joined the Grizzlies, and will hopefully carve out a role. And both Casspi and the team got a championship ring out of the situation.

All’s well that ends well.