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Save the date: Our last GSOM night at Oracle on April 5, 2019

Mark your calendars for GSOM 2019! We’ve got our annual fan night on the books!

NBA: Golden State Warriors-Championship Parade
I couldn’t find a good picture of fans inside Oracle

I know, it’s maybe a bit too early to talk about this - but I can’t help it!

This is the event that really drew me into the Golden State of Mind community: our annual fan night where we partner with the Warriors to take over a section of the upper deck. Don’t worry, it won’t be weird — you don’t have to even talk to me or Nate Parham if you don’t want to.


  • GSOM Night: Friday, April 5th at Oracle Arena (vs. what’s left of the Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Price: Club 200 Sideline Seats are $115 each
  • Each ticket includes:

-$10 concession voucher (good for booze, food or soda);

-GSOM Night shirt; and

-Post-game free throw.

What to do now

We will spool up our community shirt design efforts shortly, but for now all you really need to do is to start rallying your squad. Tickets will go on sale at a later date, and we will be sure to provide a couple of updates before the offer goes live - but we just wanted to put out the finalized date as soon as possible for planning purposes.

These events sell all the way out, and do so fairly quickly, so you’ll just want to be sure that you have your final count for the number of tickets required for your group set ahead of time.

I cannot stress enough how much I look forward to my annual bricked free throw at Oracle. Will this be my year to finally make one? Probably not, but I am certainly looking forward to giving it another go.

If you are artistically inclined, go ahead and start brainstorming some shirt design ideas. Last year’s design from Jacqui Smith, aka the,“GoldBloodedKween” were straight fire (as I think the kids say) and we want to build off that.

Remember that this is it. Our final season at Oracle, so if you want a memorable way to say goodbye to the place that gave us so many great memories then it’ll be hard to do better than GSOM night 2019.

Hope to see you there!