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Klay Thompson did an AMA, and it was predictably epic

There’s no one cooler than Klay.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that everything Klay Thompson does is legendary. From the way he plays basketball, to the way he lives his life, to the quotes he delivers, Thompson is simply a treat that we don’t really deserve.

Which made it all the more special when the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter decided to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment on Reddit. Through Fanatics, one of Thompson’s endorsements, Thompson hit the internet and answered some pressing questions from fans. It was predictably epic.

Klay touched on a variety of subjects, but the best part was, in my eyes, when he answered a question regarding any game day routines he had.

Uh not really, it’s pretty routine. The one thing I always have to do that I don’t truly enjoy until it’s done. I get my pool as cold as possible, and before I do anything in the morning I try and roll out of bed and jump in the pool, just to jump start and wake me up. Get me alive and well to start the day. I started doing that about a year ago and it works so well for me that I still do it. It sucks at first, because being cold isn’t fun, but afterwards you feel great. I can’t do cold showers though, cold water? A plunge? For sure.

Annnndd I also read the newspaper pre-game to stay off my devices, because we are so addicted to them... me included. It’s nice to get your eyes away from them and read something that’s old-school and.... promote literacy. I definitely love to read my paper and stay up to date with what’s going on in our communities.

Jumping in a cold pool? Reading a newspaper to promote literacy and stay part of the community? It’s impossible to not love this guy.

He also gave a pretty hilarious answer to what he wants to do when his playing days are over. But don’t worry, Warriors fans - he stressed that that is still far down the line.

Man, hopefully it’s not for like 10 years, so I haven’t given it too much thought. At times I do think about it. I just want to do something I enjoy, whether it be playing golf, tennis, going to the beach, traveling, raising some kids. I don’t know if I want to get into coaching though, I want to travel man... I want Steve Nash’s job. I want to be a consultant, show up twice a month and kick a soccer ball around and work on some form shooting. Steve’s got it made and he’s been a great addition to our staff and we all love seeing him around. I’ll take Steve’s job when I’m done playing... that’ll be real nice, that’s a nice gig.

The entire AMA is a must-read. Klay talks about the hardest players to defend (“Two of them are on my team, thank God. Probably Giannis.”), his famous performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals (“I just emptied the clip because there could be no tomorrow.”), and what he’ll get his bulldog, Rocco, for Christmas (“A good construction cone to chew up.”).

The Warriors may be hated outside of the Bay Area, but Thompson is universally loved. It’s not hard to see why.