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NASA responds to Steph Curry’s moon-landing denial

This is not a story anyone saw coming.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this certainly turned into an . . . odd . . . story. And not one I ever imagined would pop up.

On a recent episode of The Ringer’s Winging It podcast, Steph Curry made interesting and scientifically goofy comments. Appearing alongside current Golden State Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala, former teammate Kent Bazemore, and NBA legend Vince Carter, Curry (and the other three) claimed that the moon landing wasn’t actually real.

Oh, Steph. Why, buddy, why?

The players were in a little bit of a jovial mood, so it’s unclear just how serious they were being. Still, it’s a bit dubious.

But it didn’t take long for NASA to respond. Rather than using snark to refute Curry and Co’s conspiracy theory, NASA instead invited the two-time MVP to come see the evidence for himself.

“We’d love for Mr. Curry to tour the lunar lab at our Johnson Space Center in Houston,” a NASA spokesperson told TMZ. “We have hundreds of pounds of Moon rocks stored there and the Apollo mission control. During his visit, he can see first-hand what we did 50 years ago, as well as what we’re doing now to go back to the Moon in the coming years, but this time to stay.”

That’s a pretty good response from NASA, and for everyone’s sake, let’s hope Curry takes them up on their offer.

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