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Stephen Curry trolls everyone: Moon landing denial was a joke

A liked tweet indicates the two-time MVP was trolling, but for what?

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If there was a category at the NBA awards for Best Troll Job of the Year, Stephen Curry would win it unanimously.

Curry revealed to ESPN’s Nick Friedell that the comments he made during the Ringer’s “Winging It Podcast” with the Atlanta HawksKent Bazemore and Vince Carter, questioning whether or not astronauts landed on the moon were a joke.

“If you actually listen to the podcast, we were talking about all sorts of wild stuff,” Curry told Friedell. “We went from Trae Young comparisons to what sound does a dinosaur make? To what’s your favorite brand of golf club to conspiracy theories. And literally out of a one hour-ten minute podcast, that five second comment of me asking ‘Did we land on the moon?‘ was the only thing people got out of that—again that’s part of why I let it (the comment) sit out there.”

Out of the troll, Curry received an invitation from NASA to tour the lunar lab at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, which he says he will wholeheartedly accept.

Before Curry revealed to Friedell that he was joking, he liked a tweet hours early indicating that this whole thing was nothing but a troll that most people took literally.

Well played, Steph. Well played.