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The Warriors can’t stop trolling James Harden’s offensive game

Andre Iguodala has officially joined his coach Steve Kerr in roasting Harden’s suspect footwork

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are the peculiar intersection between basketball wisdom and barbershop humor.

Their acute understanding of the game is as sharp as their contemptuous wit. Their hoops prowess and comedic genius have made them Public Enemy #1 for the NBA landscape; unfortunately there isn’t a damn thing that landscape can do about it for the forseeable future.

That’s why I was eager with gold-blooded anticipation when James Harden, reigning league MVP and longtime Warriors punching bag, was caught in the act of some egregious basketball chicanery.


As the NBA social media universe exploded in derision over this affront to James Naismith’s great game, I knew it would only be a matter of time before a member of the Golden Empire voiced their amused criticism. I didn’t guess that it would be the sarcastic vet, Andre Iguodala, who tagged the OFFICIAL NBA REFS TWITTER.

We all know Iguodala is a former Finals MVP and one of the few men in the NBA who have the defensive powers to severely limit Harden.

Stats of Iguodala’s erasure of the Rockets backcourt in the 2018 WCF before his injury
ESPN Second Spectrum

I wonder: do he and the Warriors take a particular delight in roadblocking Harden’s legacy and mocking his infamous repertoire of flopping and traveling?

Remember when Warriors head coach and basketball legend Steve Kerr accidentally tweeted out his stunned disapproval of Harden taking hella steps to get his step-back jumper off against the Spurs earlier this year?

Or what about when Coach Kerr watched Harden complain about a charge call Draymond Green drew and responded with a smirking reminder that Green was merely using Harden’s move?

No one can doubt Harden’s phenomenal ability to rack up stats. He is the MVP after all! He is currently on a regular season scoring binge of historic proportions. His teammate and future Hall-of-Famer Chris Paul even went straight hyperbole mode after Harden’s last big scoring game against the Jazz.

This only provides me with further evidence that CP3 “can’t see” Stephen Curry.

But I digress!

“The Beard” has faced the Warriors three times in the playoffs and been eliminated in ignominious fashion each time. When will he open his eyes and realize the Warriors have proven that the dark arts of basketball deception will never win him a title? Better to play the game the right way and lose to the champs with dignity than to build your legacy on praying the refs let you get away with hella nonsense.