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This Week in Weaponized Joy! Curry scores 15k and Bell is a dunk addict

The Warriors brought the good times with broken records, game winners, and some good old fashioned sharing

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Ah yes, there’s nothing like “Weaponized Joy”.

It is the fuel of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, the fresh scent of a Christmas tree in the living room, the Infinity Stones in Thanos’ gauntlet, and the last day of work before holiday vacation.

In this week’s chapter, we look back over the Warriors winning two out of their three contests featuring Sacramento, Memphis, and Utah. I’m sure there were plenty of joyful moments sprinkled in!

Let’s take a look.

“On My Block”/ Livingston’s rejection leads to unselfish basketball

Shaun Livingston rejects Royce O’Neale with authority and triggers a textbook Warriors fastbreak.

Why this should be #1: The Splash Bros era Warriors have no titles without Livingston. The versatile veteran plays a reserve role with the size of a wing, but the high-IQ of a point guard. Watch how he measures the hard-charging O’Neale like a tiger assessing his prey, calmly waiting for the chance to capitalize on any mistake.

The length and athleticism he displayed on this play reminds us all of why we need him, especially during the postseason. He’s just an old-school hooper who knows how to handle every facet of the game.

From there, another cagy veteran Andre Iguodala hustles to snatch the loose ball, and fires a bullet pass to Steph Curry at mid court, who lasers a pass to Draymond Green near the arc, who fires it back to the streaking Curry, who takes a dribble to draw in the defense before firing it back to Green who gets an easy layup.

The ball traveled the length of the court with only one dribble, folks! That’s the kind of basketball that makes James Naismith cry tears of joy from the heavens.

“You’re The Best Around”/ Curry scores 15K

Stephen Curry adds to his family legacy, scoring his 15,000th point on Memphis.

This deserves to be #1 because: Currently, only 145 men in NBA history have scored 15K points. Curry went from being dismissed by many critics for being too small to shutting them up on the way to joining this list. All of his points have come in a Warriors jersey; he is the face of the team’s renaissance from bottom-feeder

Anyways, it was quite fitting that it came on his signature pull-up three-pointer in a defender’s face. This is the shot that redefined what “smart basketball” is in today’s game, and Curry ushered in it’s preeminence.

“Never Gonna Give You Up”/ Bell bounces back from dunk failure

Jordan Bell gets stonewalled by the rim, but doesn’t give up on his dunking dreams against Memphis.

Why you gotta vote this #1: Bell LOVES TO DUNK. I’ve spent several games shaking my head about Bell’s overambitious putback slams gone awry. I’ve also rejoiced several times after he’s converted some hellacious jams. He’s a young superathlete; part of the fun is just watching him try to dunk every damn time.

We got both sides of the coin in Memphis the other night. He damn near paralyzed himself with that errant dunk (we call that “The Spine Tingler” from the nerve shock that comes from hitting the rim so hard). Then he comes back and gets the crowd on their feet with a monster jam later on.

I love how Oracle and his teammates broke into amused applause. That’s that joy, baby! #nevergiveup

“I’m Bad”/Klay Thompson puts another dagger in Sacramento

Klay hits a game-winning bomb on Sacramento.

The reason this is #1: This is just the latest time Klay has reminded Sacramento he owns them. There was the 37 point quarter, there was the game winning putback earlier this season, and now he hits them with this dagger from beyond the arc.

Is Klay the mayor of Sactown?? He’s got my vote.


Who weaponized the most joy this week?

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    "On My Block"/ Livingston’s rejection leads to unselfish basketball
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  • 36%
    "You’re The Best Around"/ Curry scores 15K
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  • 8%
    "Never Gonna Give You Up"/ Bell bounces back from dunk failure
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  • 28%
    "I’m Bad"/Klay Thompson puts another dagger in Sacramento
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