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GSOM Night: Artist submission request

We are designing our own shirt again - make your art a part of our history!

Happy holidays folks!

In case you are unfamiliar, we run a promotional night in cooperation with the Golden State Warriors organization called GSOM Night. We’ve been doing this every year since I’ve been around and you get a pretty sweet deal: cheap tickets, a free shirt, and free throws on the actual Warriors baskets at Oracle.

In the past, we had a number of solutions for the shirt design, but it was starting to get a bit stale. So last year, we held acontest where our community members could submit their designs. Based on community feedback, we then forward the three best designs to the Warriors for final selection.

Last year, the GoldBlooded Queen’s design was selected - and it was FIRE.

So please, brush off your digital drawing tools and submit something! If you had one from last year that didn’t get picked, feel free to try that one again. If you have an idea, share it - you never know if you’ll inspire someone.

Just put your image in this thread (either as a stand alone image, or via link to whatever hosting site you prefer). All designs must be submitted no later than January 4th.

The specifications for the image are:

  1. Line drawing or similar. This will be a single color, printed image - so clean, clear design elements will show best. The print will be single color, and single-sided, on a “Warriors Blue” shirt.
  2. Submit them to GSOM by commenting with the image, or by linking to the site hosting your image.
  3. It should say “GSOM Night 2019” or something along those lines. Inclusion of this is technically optional, but your design better be amazing if you don’t give GSOM a shout out.
  4. No specific file formats or anything. If you can get your image on to the internet to share, we will figure out a way to transmit it through the final print process. I found this guide helpful. If you lack the design expertise, but have an idea, go ahead and drop it in the comments and maybe someone will run with it for you. If you crudely draw something with a crayon and upload a photo of that picture from your phone, it will probably not make the final cut.
  5. Designs must be submitted no later than January 14th, 2019

We will be back soon with more updates and details, but please share this now among your friends - and the internet at large. We want as may brilliant ideas as we can get. The GSOM moderation team will work with Tony.psd to select the final image.

Also, please save the date for GSOM night (4/5/2019). Our Warriors are leaving Oracle, so this literally is the very last chance you will ever have to go see our favorite team, and then walk down onto the court after the game and try to hit a free throw.


  • GSOM Night: Friday, April 5th at Oracle Arena (vs. what’s left of the Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Price: Club 200 Sideline Seats are $115 each
  • Tickets will go on sale the last week in January. So be ready with your crew. These sell out fast!
  • Each ticket includes:

-$10 concession voucher (good for booze, food or soda);

-GSOM Night shirt; and

-Post-game free throw.

See you there!