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JaVale McGee will receive his title ring from Iguodala on Christmas

The longtime friends and former teammates reunite as foes on Christmas Day in the highly anticipated Warriors vs Lakers showdown, but Iguodala will have a special gift for the former Dub Nation fan favorite.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve already seen former Warriors Zaza Pachulia and Omri Casspi get their 2018 championship rings earlier this season. The next ex-Dub the champs are holding jewelry for is the Shaqtin-A-Fool MVP turned fan favorite, JAVALE MCGEEEEEEEE.

McGee was a journeyman fighting for the last spot on the Warriors when he joined in 2016. At the time, Andre Iguodala, a former teammate of McGee’s in Denver, boldly vouched for the giant center. Iguodala told Ethan Sherwood Strauss, “Talk to some different people, GMs, front office people. He’s so much better than a lot of these guys who got paid this past year. Like, so much better.”

McGee earned his spot on the team and joined the team’s big man rotation. He was used situationally, yet never disrupted team chemistry by complaining, and came up huge when the team needed him most in the postseason.

His charitable efforts in the Bay Area also had a grand impact. Our very own Duby Dub Dubs documented McGee’s charity work for last year’s “JUGLIFE: Water for Life” event at the Oakland Coliseum.

McGee won two titles with the Warriors before leaving for the bright lights of Hollywood to join the Los Angeles Lakers in a featured role.

Even though he went south, he still has charitable ties to the Bay. Iguodala couldn’t help but comment on that.

On Christmas, McGee will make his regular season return to Oakland, and Iguodala will be the man who gives him his championship jewelry. What a Christmas gift that will be!

LeBron James, McGee’s Laker teammate and the man the Warriors overthrew to get that ring, probably won’t be too interested in McGee gloating about it.