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Warrior Wonder poll: Was Jerebko’s career high enough to put him on top of Durant’s game winner?

Forget the Golden Sidekick - Jerebko is gunning for the main award!

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors

Call me crazy, but I am throwing convention out the window this morning. Normally, the Warrior Wonder poll is reserved for a starter, but I think Jonas Jerebko’s name deserves to be on the marquee right up there with the big stars.

So no Golden Sidekick today, Jerebko deserves more

Jonas Jerebko has almost single handedly saved Golden State Warriors management a fair amount of criticism this season. After letting BOTH of our veteran centers walk away simply to go in a different direction, the Center spot has been an ongoing headache - and there doesn’t appear to be much relief in sight until Demarcus Cousins’ return. Even before the Damian Jones injury this was a concern, but without any sort of big body to man the middle, teams have begun to exploit the rarest of Warriors weaknesses these days: a design flaw in the team.

In the interim, the Warriors are committed to small ball...simply because we literally have no other options. As a result, Jerebko has played about a quarter of his time at Center, and when he’s slotted in as a Power Forward, he still brings that “stretch big man” game that would seem to be such a natural fit next to our bevy of shooters.

Seriously, his combination of at-the-rim prowess, and an ability to hit threes is an extremely natural fit within the construction of our roster.

Big rebounds, key shots, and all within the flow of the game. This isn’t a classic “bench shooter” in the sense that he comes out just jacking up threes, but his judicious and liberal application of swagger last night resulted in a career high for him, and a close win for the Warriors.

I know Durant will get a lot of the press for that game winner (as I’m about to do right after this sentence), but just like wins in December count just as much as those in the last few weeks of the season Jerebko’s contributions all game may have well been the deciding factor.

But still, that Kevin Durant dagger...

I’m honestly extremely curious to see how the poll breaks out today. Durant, as he does, had a phenomenal game. He messed around and got a damn near triple double: 29 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists.

Wow. 29 points on just 18 attempts is magical, but then again, Durant is the original NBA unicorn. So unique and strong in so many aspects of the game - I wouldn’t say his overall floor game is overlooked at all... but it can be overshadowed by his scoring.

Much like last night, all anyone seems to be talking about is that game winner, but his rebounds, floor presence, and general feel for the game are unparalleled. It’s wonderful!


Who was your Warrior Wonder against the Mavericks?

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  • 76%
    Jonas Jerebko
    (248 votes)
  • 17%
    Kevin Durant
    (55 votes)
  • 6%
    I didn’t watch the game
    (20 votes)
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