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Let’s watch: Warriors host Clippers in pre-Christmas offensive showcase

On a merry eve of Christmas Eve, let’s open the gift of this game together

Dear Santa, please let us get the W tonight

The Christmas tree is lit, as are Warriors fans

Everything is in place for this to be a fun game. Both teams are mostly healthy, and the Warriors will want to avenge themselves after a painful overtime loss to these Los Angeles Clippers that featured the infamous Draymond Green and Kevin Durant squabble.

The team is not broken, however wobbly it looked there for a bit. Instead, this is another chance for team to give the Oracle faithful a reason to be glad in this holiday season. As we head into the season of giving, let us never forget to be thankful for this team that’s been assembled here. A collection of All-Stars and a supporting cast that’s real easy to root for.

So grab your beverage of choice, dim the lights, and let’s get a win!

One thing to watch

Remember just a few days ago coach Steve Kerr talked about changing the rotation by moving Stephen Curry into the second unit that opens the 2nd and 4th quarters? Well, he did it, that mad lad! Turns out, the results are favorable so far:

The Clippers have a dangerous second unit of their own, led by the quick Lou Williams - a guy who has burned us in the past. This is exactly the sort of situation Kerr made the move for, so watch for these minutes with an eye on the new rotation.