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Let’s watch: Warriors welcome Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers to Oracle

After a rough trouncing, the Warriors are promising some new adjustments

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers

Welp, you can’t really accuse this season of being boring, that’s for sure! The Golden State Warriors have weathered numerous injuries, some internal turmoil, and slumps from a couple of key players... and yet still find themselves in first place in the Western Conference somehow!

Anyways, I’ll miss this game (seeing Mos Def in the City), so will be following along here when I can. There’s a lot to watch for tonight, so let’s go!

Twice the offense, half the defense!

This will most definitely not be a Grit and Grind game. We are looking at the 15th and 20th ranked defenses facing off against the number one and number 10 offenses. Sooooo, expect a lot of points!

The Warriors will be tinkering with their approach a bit - in particular watch how Draymond Green fits into the offense. Teams have been sagging way off of him and he hasn’t been able to punish them by hitting his shots, so both Kerr and Green talked earlier today about ways to modify how Green fits into the offensive scheme to minimize this “gimmick” defense.

Dame Lillard’s last stop in Oakland?

Barring a playoff matchup, this is the final visit to Oracle for Oakland’s own Damian Lillard. Just another game for the Warriors, but it could be an added chip on Lillard’s shoulder that will make him go a little harder than normal.

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