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Steph Curry and Steve Kerr discuss the Pat McCaw situation

The Warriors have received the Cavs offer sheet for McCaw, and Golden State’s coach and superstar spoke about the weirdness of it all.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

At long last, the Patrick McCaw saga is nearing an end, as the Golden State Warriors have received McCaw’s offer sheet from the Cleveland Cavaliers. McCaw signed with the Cavs for two years and $6 million (non-guaranteed), though the Warriors would owe much more than that if they choose to retain McCaw, due to their current tax situation.

The Warriors have 48 hours from the time the received the sheet to match the offer, or let McCaw join their previous rivals in Cleveland. Once they’ve made a decision, the story will finally conclude . . . for now, at least.

At Saturday’s shootaround, two of the biggest faces inside the Warriors organization were asked about the bizarre situation. Steve Kerr said that he would defer to Bob Myers regarding the decision, but admitted that this wasn’t how the team anticipated it playing out.

“We’ll see what happens, but the whole thing has been surprising,” the fifth-year head coach said. “We anticipated that Patrick would be a big part of our rotation this year, and it just didn’t happen, for whatever reason. So we’ll see what happens - obviously we have a decision to make.”

Superstar Steph Curry also gave his thoughts, and added that he hasn’t talked to McCaw throughout the saga.

“This industry, this game, is wild at times, and some stuff doesn’t make sense,” the MVP remarked. “Guys make decisions and try to look out for their best interests, whatever that means for them. So at the end of the day, that’s what you hope - that Pat’s happy, and healthy, and we obviously wish the best for him wherever.”

Both answers are diplomatic, but, reading between the lines, it sure doesn’t seem like Curry or Kerr are anticipating the Warriors matching Cleveland’s offer sheet.