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How should Steve Kerr change up the offense?

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Coach Kerr knows the offense is not working. In what ways should he alter it?

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday’s loss to the Detroit Pistons, Kerr said he was to blame for their sluggishness on the offensive end. The Warriors struggled to find any sort of rhythm or spacing all night.

The Warriors’ stars also understood that the offense needs some changes. Stephen Curry says here that the Warriors need to “keep it simple” and “let our talent take over.”

After years at the forefront of the evolution of the game, the Warriors are suddenly lacking in the pace and space that so many other teams are currently practicing. Luckily for them, they still have mountains of talent and can reclaim their spot as best offense in the league with some changes. With the defense likely to be middle-of-the-pack until the playoffs, they’ll want to maximize their offensive efficiency as much as possible. Here’s what Kerr should do:

  1. Encourage open shooters to let it fly. Yes, this includes Draymond Green. Often, the Warriors’ role players on offense are reluctant to shoot the ball, fearing they’re taking shots away from the Curry, Thompson, or Durant on offense, or messing up the flow of Kerr’s system. Kerr needs to empower his role players to shoot threes, and as they find their rhythm as shooters, their percentages are bound to increase. The Warriors’ have good shooters this year across their roster, and they’ve shot at good rates. They simply need to shoot more.
  2. Move Klay Thompson out of the midrange. At the beginning of the season, Thompsom was not hitting anything, so Kerr ran plays to get him midrange shots. Now that he’s hitting his shots again, Thompsom needs to attempt more threes. His three-point attempt-rate is the second lowest of his career behind his rookie season and that needs to change immediately.
  3. Keep Kevin Durant away from wing isolations. Kevin Durant excelled the past couple weeks as the primary ballhandler, running high pick-and-rolls with plenty of space. When Steph Curry returned on Saturday, Kerr went back to Durant isolations on the wing. As I wrote a few days ago, these plays slow down the offense and kill the spacing. Continue giving Durant the ball with space to drive into the paint.
  4. Push the pace. Having Steph Curry back will help with this tremendously. The Warriors can absolutely punish teams with open threes in transition if they keep running. It’s up to the stars to make transition offense a priority.
  5. Most importantly, rely on your star talent. Steve Kerr has a tendency to make his offense too cute with passing and off-ball movement. The Warriors can win games more easily by relying on the shot-creation of their stars. Allow Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant to run high pick and rolls all game. Give Klay Thompson more threes off the bounce. Once Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins return, give them the green light to score and handle the ball. No team in NBA history has ever had the scoring talent as the Warriors do, so let that talent find their own way. I promise they will.