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Warriors at Hawks: Kevon Looney will start in frontcourt

With Damian Jones out due to a pectoral injury, Kevon Looney will start at center for the Warriors.

Golden State Warriors v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With Damian Jones and Draymond Green out for an extended period due to injury, the Golden State Warriors have a couple of holes to fill in their starting lineup.

Jones has started the majority of games at center this season (22 of 24), but Jordan Bell and Kevon Looney have also gotten the start at center this season. For tonight, Warriors coach Steve Kerr has already said that he will start Looney at center — both Bell and Jonas Jerebko will also take turns at the center spot.

As for who will start at power forward in place of Draymond Green, there were a few options, but all them are imperfect:

  • Jonas Jerebko has started a handful of games at power forward this season — including the last game against the Detroit Pistons — but given the thin frontcourt rotation entering tonight’s game that might not be ideal in terms of keeping the rotation balanced.
  • Andre Iguodala has started a few games in place of Green when both Green and Steph Curry were out, but he has not been much of a factor offensively and at some point you figure they’ll want to manage his minutes with an eye on another deep playoff run.
  • Kerr could also just start some other non-Iguodala guard and push Kevin Durant to the four.

The Warriors have announced that Jerebko will be starting, which means managing the substitution patterns will be key; given that Kerr was concerned about his substitution patterns last game, it won’t be any easier this game.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the lineup and/or your observations about the substitutions during the game.