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Warriors vs. Suns: Trying to finish December strong

Despite all the agony of enduring five losses in December and calls for firing Steve Kerr, the Warriors can still end up being the best team in the West during December.

Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The last month of 2018 has been so rough for the Golden State Warriors that a relatively meaningless game against the Portland Trail Blazers seemed to take on some additional significance.

As Charlie Stanton mentioned in his preview of the Warriors game, Klay Thompson has been in a well-publicized slump and Draymond Green has been given the Tony Allen treatment by opposing defenses. #FireKerr Twitter has never been louder or stronger. Through all of that adversity, the Warriors — the two-time defending champions who have made the last four straight NBA Finals — are stumbling into their New Years Eve battle with the Phoenix Suns with a rather pedestrian 9-5 record in December.

For some, it seems that All Is Lost.

Yet there’s still hope folks; it is still possible for the Warriors to salvage this utter disaster of a month.

As it turns out, a win tonight would leave them with a 10-5 record in a tie for first place in the Western Conference standings for the month of December — the unofficial title that people tried to prematurely give away to the Blazers, L.A Lakers, or whoever the hell else best the Warriors in the final month on the calendar could still be won by the comeback kids, your Golden State Warriors.

Expanded Standings Table
Conf Mont
Rk Team Overall W Dec
1 Indiana Pacers 24-12 6-7 11-3
2 Milwaukee Bucks 25-10 8-5 10-4
3 Denver Nuggets 23-11 15-6 8-4
4 Houston Rockets 20-15 12-11 10-4
5 Boston Celtics 21-14 6-7 9-4
6 Miami Heat 17-18 9-5 9-5
7 San Antonio Spurs 20-17 16-12 10-5
8 Golden State Warriors 24-13 14-9 9-5
9 Sacramento Kings 19-17 12-14 9-6
10 Brooklyn Nets 17-21 4-11 9-6
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Generated 12/31/2018.

Of course, they would need some help to accomplish this feat that might’ve been unthinkable as you were watching defenders give Draymond Green 10 feet of space on the perimeter on Christmas Day: the Houston Rockets (10-4) and San Antonio Spurs (10-5) would both have to lose at home today in addition to the Warriors wining. The Nuggets would be 8-4 (same 66.66% win percentage, less losses), but hey — 10-5 in December is clearly better.

Clinching this title is totally within the realm of possibility—do not allow your faith to be shaken. Despite December, this is the same old championship contending Warriors you’ve come to know and love.

Believe it or not, the Warriors could still be considered the best team in the West.

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