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The All-Star excitement is in full force

There are four Warriors in the All-Star Game, plus another in the Three-Point Contest. Get excited.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA All-Star weekend is kind of funny. The game’s greatest athletes, a collection of hyper-competitive, take-everything-seriously pros, gather together for a series of silly contests, and a game that is pure exhibition.

On the one hand, the weekend is often criticised for not being serious enough. On the other hand, it’s the most-hyped, and most-watched NBA event other than the Finals. Fans may leave with a few get-off-my-lawn comments about how the game was more competitive in their day, but the reality is that the All-Star weekend is a lot of fun.

And I’m incredibly excited to be here, taking it all in.

As you probably know, the Golden State Warriors are well represented this weekend. While they had no one during Friday’s Rising Stars contest (though I would strongly argue that Jordan Bell should have made the team, even though he wouldn’t have been able to play), that changes today.

Klay Thompson will be competing in his fifth Three-Point Contest Saturday night, and looking for his second win. Can he get it done?

Well, don’t look at me. I obviously vote yes!

The Three-Point Contest is sandwiched by the Skills Challenge (which starts at 5PM, PST), and the Slam Dunk Contest, which concludes the night. Earlier in the day (11AM) there will be team practices, which will be aired on NBA TV.

Saturday also features media availability for the All-Star selections, so if you have a question you want asked of a Warrior, drop it in the comments. And no, I will not ask anyone whether a hot dog is a sandwich (it’s not. Duh.).

But I am hoping to get a feel for how Thompson, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green are feeling, both about the game itself, and about the team going forward.

All of that is to say, if you’re not already following Golden State of Mind on Twitter, now’s the time to do so (@UnstoppableBaby). I’ll have you covered there with live tweets, quotes, updates, video clips, and general All-Star shenanigans.

And then, of course, there’s Sunday, when all four of the Warriors’ stars will be competing in the big game. Will a team get to 200 points? What will Curry look like when coached by Mike D’Antoni? Will KD and Dray go at each other?

It may not mean much, but it is a helluva lot of fun. Ultimately, that’s what basketball is about, that’s what the NBA is about, and it’s certainly what we’re about here at GSoM.

So get excited, folks. How many other times in our life will we have four Warriors in the All-Star Game? You don’t want to miss this.

So let’s all enjoy it. And if you’ve got something you’re looking forward to, share it in the comments. And remember to give us a follow so you can catch every hot moment.

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