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Draymond Green cracks jokes in Kevin Hart’s new web series

Draymond Green showed that he has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself.

OBB Pictures

Well, you can’t say that Draymond Green doesn’t have a sense of humor, or a willingness to laugh at himself. The three-time All-Star for the Golden State Warriors was recently featured on comedian Kevin Hart’s new web series, Cold as Balls, where he took a handful of jokes about himself in stride.

The premise of the series is that Hart takes ice baths with famous athletes, and proceeds to have conversations with them, cracking jokes, poking fun, and having a jolly old time.

In this particular episode, Hart took repeated shots at Green’s history of kicking other players below the belt. Green not only laughed off the jokes, but shot back a series of his own at Hart.

All in all, it was fun to see Green having fun off the court, and certainly worth watching.

Cold as Balls is part of Hart’s LOL Network, and is created and produced by OBB Pictures. There are a number of episodes featuring other athletes, including numerous NBA players, so if you enjoyed this, there’s plenty more!

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