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Jordan Bell reads text messages from teammates

The rookie shared some of the highlight messages from his famous teammates.

Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Being a rookie in the NBA isn’t always the easiest thing. Having helpful and supportive teammates can go a long ways towards making a player feel comfortable, happy, and set in.

That’s especially true for a player like Jordan Bell. Being drafted by the Golden State Warriors means you have superstar teammates and a national spotlight. It’s not exactly the easiest situation to manage, but it seems like Bell’s teammates have been pretty awesome to the newcomer.

In a segment for The Player’s Tribune, Bell read some of the text messages that he has received from his Golden State teammates.

Bell joked that because he’s a rookie, the only time his teammates text him is when “they want me to do something for them.” But he then proceeded to share messages that were both thoughtful and hilarious.

Draymond Green surprised Bell with a MacBook on the preseason trip to China. Kevin Durant supported Bell’s opinion that college players should be paid, before ribbing the rookie for not being good enough to be a one-and-done player.

JaVale McGee sent Bell on a shopping trip for ingredients to put in a vegan smoothie, but Stephen Curry stole the show. Curry sent Bell a kind message after he was drafted, offering to help him out with anything he needed. Then when Bell asked for local advice, he never heard back from Curry.

Such is life as a rookie.

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