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Golden State of Mindcast: Behind the scenes at NBA All-Star weekend

Brady Klopfer describes the wild scene at 2018 NBA All-Star weekend.

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Celebrities At The 67th NBA All-Star Game: Team LeBron Vs. Team Stephen Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Brady Klopfer, our trusted colleague, was one of only two SB Nation team bloggers credentialed for NBA All-Star weekend. He joins Mindcast to give us a hilarious behind the scenes look at the weird frivolity that transpired with the game in Los Angeles.

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Annotated list of topics covered, add time with ads, etc:

1:00 - Welcome Brady!

7:00 - All Star weekend in LA is just a weird, wild party. Also, all the players must have been out the night before, etc. Street parties, concerts. Surviving on arena food.

10:00 - Brady lives in LA without a car, which is crazy.

11:00 - Capturing the national drama swirling around all the political stuff swirling around Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

16:30 - Media Buzz about those stupid Fox news comments.

17:00 - Players relishing the chance to share their thoughts. “We will not shut up and dribble.”

23:45 - The vibe with media at the scrums. When Brady finally got a question. Were there fights a la the reporter fight? (It almost happened again at Steph’s presser on Saturday)

30:00 - Nate buries our son Pat McCaw under an avalanche of shade. Ooooooh man. How you gonna do the McGOAT like that?

35:00 - The humanity of seeing these players up close.

36:50 - Which non-Warriors players were the most interesting to speak with?

40:20 - Continuing to be depressed about our government, and how we can’t avoid talking about it. It says a lot about our world and lack of leadership that basketball stars and high school survivors of a tragedy are showing more grace and poise on a national stage than our “elected” “leaders.”

46:45 - Being able to talk about basketball in the context of “we might all die tomorrow.”

48:20 - We realized we hadn’t even talked about the game.

49:50 - It was fun to watch the players take the game fairly seriously.

1:02:00 - The NBA’s ability to make fun of itself and have a sense of humor, and how that’s super needed.


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