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Warrior Wonder: How Andre Got His Groove Back

Iguodala is regaining confidence in his shot

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

For the first half of the season, Andre Iguodala’s play was frustrating.

He seemed hesitant on offense and lukewarm at best on defense. As an integral part of the “Hamptons Five” lineup, Iguodala’s hesitation to be aggressive on offense was concerning. Sometimes Iguodala’s play had me wondering if he had finessed Warriors GM Bob Myers out of 48 million dollars.

Now in the season’s second half, Iguodala looks like he has regained his confidence offensively.

“He just looks bouncy and healthy,” Coach Kerr says of Iguodala.


During Saturday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Iguodala was aggressive around the rim and looking for his jumper. The trend continued Monday night against the Knicks. Granted, Iguodala only scored 9 points but he shot 3-of-5 from the field and 2-of-3 from three. The last time Iguodala made multiple threes in a game was November 27th against the Sacramento Kings. The difference could be chalked up to mechanics.

Look at how Iguodala leans in to his shot. Through his minutes, It seems as if leaning in helps.
His energy, aggressiveness and confidence is why Andre Iguodala is my pick for Warrior Wonder of the night.


Who was your Warrior Wonder for the win over the Knicks?

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  • 49%
    Klay Thompson
    (366 votes)
  • 5%
    Kevin Durant
    (37 votes)
  • 13%
    Steph Curry
    (99 votes)
  • 4%
    Draymond Green
    (30 votes)
  • 19%
    JaVale McGee
    (146 votes)
  • 6%
    Andre Iguodala
    (48 votes)
  • 0%
    David West
    (7 votes)
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