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Steph Curry gave fans a glimpse of the team tour of DC’s African American Museum

Golden State’s Tuesday tour wasn’t open to the public or the media, but Steph Curry offered fans a view.

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In case you missed it, the Golden State Warriors spent Tuesday touring the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. The tour, which was in lieu of the traditional White House visit, included a large number of kids from Seat Pleasant, Maryland, where Kevin Durant grew up.

In an awesome move, the team did not allow any media members to accompany the squad. That, combined with the private tour that the museum offered Golden State, meant that it was the team, the kids, and no one else.

Well, mostly no one else. Stephen Curry took advantage of social media to give fans a glimpse of what the team was up to. Curry used the live feature on Instagram, which reporter Anthony Slater was able to capture.

Seeing the kids with Curry is a lot of fun, especially with some of the comments that are made. There’s also the highlight of Jordan Bell checking out an old car, with Curry stating “It’s the 1960s, JB is ghost riding the whip.”

It’s great that the Warriors took this tour, and took the kids with them. And it’s great that they didn’t make it open to the public or the media.

But catching a view of it sure is cool too.

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