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Golden State of Mindcast: Would you like Russell Westbrook if he was on your team, or still hate his iso-heavy play?

Nate and Bram jump on the Mindcast to figure out the Westbrook experience, bemoan the end of Monta Ellis’ career, and take a look at the playoff picture as it unfolds.

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NBA: Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nate and I jumped on the Mindcast to discuss how no matter where you live, you can still hate on the Thunder, should you desire. Also, we delved into the question of: “If Russell Westbrook was on your team, would you root for him, or hate his iso-heavy, domineering style of play?” We also asked ourselves how we enjoyed rooting for (recently) Draymond Green who other teams’ fanbases tend to despise, and (longer ago) Monta Ellis, who was basically “Westbrook-lite.”

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2:00 - The difference between California weather and New York winters, also making fun of Ivan for missing the pod to “cook dinner.”

3:30 - No matter where you live, you can still hate the OKC Thunder.

6:30 - Question posed within our internal GSOM slack channel: “Players that you love to hate, would you love them if they were on your team?”

9:30 - “Westbrook on the Warriors would be like Monta Ellis on steroids.”

15:00 - The ultimate reason we hate on the Thunder: The “what could have been” element of their team, had they kept James Harden and if Durant had stayed. This is the best version that could have come out of their original Finals team? Ugh.

21:30 - The impact of losing Andre Roberson.

25:30 - If the Warriors won every single game for the rest of the season, they’d still finish three games back of the 73-9 team, which is crazy.

27:00 - Potential playoffs match-ups in the West and in the East. If the Thunder play the Timberwolves in the first round, would they even advance?

31:30 - Nate thinks the Thunder could potentially even fall out of the playoffs entirely.

35:00 - Will we ever see 1-16 seeding in the playoffs?

39:00 - The Rockets do not look good at the end of games, often. How will that translate to the playoffs when teams can gameplan for them and everything slows down? Also, how will home court advantage play into a potential Warriors vs. Rockets series?

42:00 - We meant to come on Mindcast and talk trash about Westbrook, and instead here we are breaking down all the playoff implications and the standings.

45:30 - Doubling back, I used to hate the Nick young experience and now it’s glorious. Could Westbrook ever do that on another team? Would he ever accept a reduced role, or play in a system?

47:00 - It’s weird and makes me feel old AF that Monta Ellis is washed and is no longer in the league. A deep dive on his game, his future, and much more Ellis talk for a long time.

51:00 - The upcoming game against OKC is actually pretty big for both teams, especially heading towards the All-Star break.

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