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The Warriors could pursue Channing Frye or Joe Johnson

The buyout market might present some opportunities for the Warriors to add some shooting.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Two
Why can’t we be friends?
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In the midst of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ chaos at the trade deadline, Brian Windhorst dropped a little nugget related to the Golden State Warriors.

This was something previously floated on the Lowe Post podcast. Channing Frye in theory could provide some of the shooting that the Warriors are sorely lacking from their bench.

However, his numbers have dipped this season as his playing time has gone down - despite being a .387% shooter from behind the arc for his career, Frye’s only shooting 33% from three this year. I guess he’d fit in well with the general bench trend?

The other big question mark is would he actually get any minutes? After all he’s a big and there aren’t that many minutes available at that slot, with Zaza Pachulia, David West, Kevon Looney, and Jordan Bell in the mix. That said you just know he’d be one of those guys Kerr loves.

Of course the Warriors have experience picking over the carcass of Cleveland’s moves. Only two years ago Anderson Varejao flopped his way into our hearts, and then promptly right back out again. If this move comes off, let’s hope it ends up with a happier ending than the last time we took a flier on a former-Cleveland big.

There will be other names that likely emerge onto the buyout market in the next few days that may interest the Warriors. Anthony Slater of the Athletic mused about Joe Johnson.

Whether a player whose nickname includes the word ‘Iso’ quite fits the bill of Kerr’s system is an interesting question. And continuing the trend Johnson is shooting .274% from three this season, down from his career average .372%.

They’d likely be competition for either of these guys, and in Johnson’s case the Cavs may well get in on the chase with their two open roster spots (though one is allegedly slated for Kendrick Perkins lol).

But if the Warriors are patient, there’s a decent chance they can bring in someone who might help boost the bench shooting.

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