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Warriors vs. Mavs: Will a wild trade deadline day re-awaken the Warriors?

Warriors stood pat, but will need to actually stand up and play if they want to win

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images


After a relatively quiet approach, the trade deadline day descended on the NBA world like a tornado and left the entire landscape of the league altered. The Cleveland Cavaliers were the story of the day, ripping down most of their ineffective roster and rebuilding on the fly with younger, more dynamic players. It’s still to be determined how much of a difference any of this will make in the postseason, but give the Cavs credit for going big to address the big issue: their roster simply was not working.

The Warriors stayed the course

Golden State is currently in their worst slump of the season, a grueling two-game losing streak that has been so bad one of our own players demoted themselves to the D League.

Ok, just kidding. We are the best. Even playing lousy, the Warriors are still at the top of the West with the best record in the NBA - so it’s no surprise that the team slept through trade deadline day. Through their inaction, they managed to loudly voice their confidence in what we have here, now.

So? What’s up for tonight?

Will the Warriors finally wake up their moribund corpses and get back to playing that brand of Warriors ball that has propelled us to two Championships over the past three seasons? People want to point out what’s wrong with our bench, or the team defense as an imperative for a trade but this is the squad we have, and they’ve demonstrated that they know how to make this work.

Tonight, coach Steve Kerr will get his entire roster (minus Jordan Bell who is rehabbing slowly from a bad ankle sprain) and one of the softest teams in the NBA. The Mavs are dead last in the West, their 31.5% winning percentage putting them behind even Phoenix and Sacramento. Hopefully, all the energy around the trade deadline, plus a relatively easy opponent will be the right recipe. But even if it isn’t, and we end up eating yet another humble pie, everything should still be ok. We’ve got four all stars, one of the best coaches in the game, and a bench stocked full of veterans that have demonstrated they help teams win games.

That said, I’m getting sick of pie - here’s hoping that the night ends with a victory cigar instead.

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