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Warrior Wonder of the Month: Kevin Durant

It was a huge month for Kevin Durant, on and off the court. And he’s the Golden State of Mind player of the month.

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

February was a short month in the NBA, what with there only being 28 days, and the league taking a week off for All-Star weekend. And it was a tough month for the Golden State Warriors, as they struggled with fatigue, motivation, and rhythm.

As such, the team only played 11 games in February, and started off 4-3, before ending the month on a four-game winning streak.

At the center of everything good was Kevin Durant. The superstar had his hand in all of the month’s success, and was voted Warrior Wonder by the Golden State of Mind community four times, twice more than anyone else.

Durant let his numbers do the talking in February. He averaged 27.6 points per game, his highest of any month this year, and he did it on truly absurd efficiency, as his true-shooting percentage was an unspeakable 74.9%.

You know the 50/40/90 club? Durant nearly established the 60/50/90 club for February, as he shot 60.6% from the field, 53.4% from three-point range, and 89.3% from the free throw line. This dude is unreal.

While Durant won the award for his play in those 11 games, it was an excellent month for him in a few other regards, as well. He had the best performance of any Warrior in the All-Star Game, where he took home a win as a member of Team LeBron.

Everything pales in comparison to his performance off the court, however. Durant returned to his hometown at the end of the month, and, through his foundation, committed $10 million to College Track, a program to provide support and education for youths with college aspirations.

Well done, KD. You earned this Warrior Wonder of the Month in every way imaginable.

Durant has now won the award twice this year, with Stephen Curry taking home the other three awards. Here are the season standings thus far:

Stephen Curry: 21
Kevin Durant: 14
Klay Thompson: 8
Draymond Green: 4
Nick Young: 3
Jordan Bell: 2
Patrick McCaw: 2
Omri Casspi: 1
Kevon Looney: 1
Shaun Livingston: 1
Patrick McCaw: 1
David West: 1
Steve Kerr: 1
Third quarters: 1
Live ball turnovers (tank commander): 1
No one: everything is terrible: 1

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