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Steph Curry practiced his golf swing in a hotel. It did not go well.

The superstar and golf enthusiast couldn’t help but make fun of himself after a major faux pas.

Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Stephen Curry is an avid golfer. He regularly hits the links, and has been known to play with a few professional golfers, as well as president Barack Obama. He even recently dabbled in pro golf!

But just because he’s a good golfer doesn’t mean he’s always a smart one. He found that out the hard way today, when he tried to practice his golf swing inside his hotel room. It went about as well as you could expect.

Curry turned to Instagram to post a picture of shattered glass, with the comment “when you feel like you’re on the @pgatour so you gotta get some swings going in the hotel room #idiot”, along with three laughing emojis.

You have to hand it to Curry. He could have kept his goof up a secret, but he chose to laugh at himself instead.

Of course, he wasn’t the only person laughing. Wife Ayesha Curry took to the comment section of Steph’s post to say “Told you... he’s always playing invisible golf ...”

Professional golfer Justin Thomas chimed in, saying that Curry should put the damage on Jonnie West’s tab. West, son of Jerry, is a member of the Golden State Warriors front office, regularly golfs with Curry, and caddied Curry at his professional debut.

Well Steph, it wasn’t your finest moment. But we’re glad you shared it with us.

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