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Podcast: NBA Playoff Seeding Mayhem

The injured #2 seed Warriors watch and wait as playoff seeding chaos ensues below them. Also: Quinn Cook, and the NCAA Tournament.

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are now firmly locked into the #2 seed, while seeds eight teams below them vie for positioning. How will the Warriors’ injuries affect the team heading into the playoffs — and who the hell are they going to play? Bram, Charlie, and Ivan talk about it, among other topics — the mild success of Quinn Cook and how it affects the team’s roster decisions going forward; the NCAA Tournament and consternation caused by the fall of amateurism in sports; and gambling, tattoos, and fear of hepatitis.

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1:12 - Injuries to the non-KD Big 3. Worried about Klay’s break?

5:10 - Warriors’ easy schedule and locked into the #2 seed

6:50 - First round matchups. Could be the Jazz...

7:36 - ...could be the Spurs with Kawhi

8:12 - ... or the Thunder. And on and on

14:03 - How the rest of the season plays out with all of the injuries

16:53 - “The Houston crowd *sucks*”

20:00 - Not a guarantee that the Warriors win out

22:02 - Eastern Conference seeding is tight too

28:28 - Bram’s go-to drink: roasting OKC

30:28 - Sports gambling and road tattoos

33:02 - Quinn Cook, his role on the Warriors, and his effect on the Warriors draft

40:51 - Bram talks himself into a dark place, about Pat McCaw

43:01 - NCAA Tournament talk

48:50 - And now some manner of rant about the demise of true amateur sports and dudes going into finance

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