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Warriors at Spurs GameThread: QUINSANITY, Part 3

Patrick McCaw will finally return for a look at the backcourt of the future.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In a game somewhat bereft of stars, the return of guard Patrick McCaw to the Golden State Warriors is probably the biggest news heading into tonight’s game... if it wasn’t for the show that Quinn Cook has been putting on.


Or nah?

You’ve probably heard all about this kid, and our own Hugo Kitano voiced the growing sentiment that perhaps it may be time to begin seriously entertaining a roster shakeup in order to get Cook on our playoff roster. Over the course of the last two games, Cook has been (damnit, I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but...) COOKING - scoring a cumulative 53 points on 21-of-30 shooting over the span of those two games.

But, there’s a big caveat here, as Cook has been going against competition that, in the words of 2Pac, were “soft as a grape.” So after eviscerating the defenses of the lowly Kings, and the even lowlier Suns, it will be interesting to see how Cook fares against a much stouter defensive team. The San Antonio Spurs don’t necessarily have a great defensive point guard when you look at Patty Mills and Tony Parker, but they do have a strong system that will make it difficult for the Warriors to get going.

Cook is a great story, and no matter how the final roster decision shakes out for this team, it’s incredibly likely that he’s played himself into an NBA job next season.

Injury update - McCaw soars back into action

As the injuries accumulated, the coolest heads amongst the crows were calling for calm, pointing out that all of these injuries were forecast to end before the games got too critical - and it looks like the damn is slowly beginning to burst.

David West returned in the previous game from whatever that weird arm thing was. Steph Curry is due to be re-evaluated tomorrow. But arguably (because you can technically argue just about anything) more important than any of our stars is the return of future Hall of Famer Patrick McCaw.

Sounds like he’ll be on a minutes limitation, but it sure is nice to see our players start to get back into action! McCaw hasn’t played in over a month, so at this point we just want to see him get some run in order to get his legs back.

Remember, only health matters right now

I just want to remind everyone headed into this game that it really doesn’t matter to the Warriors if they win or lose this one. We still have the second seed on lock and our only priority is to avoid any more injuries before the end of the season.

Interestingly, the Spurs are sitting at #7 in the playoff race, and as such would be slated as our first round matchup if the playoffs began today. Without Kawhi Leonard, it’s hard to put much stock into this game (Spurs are favored by seven), so try and remember how short-handed the Warriors are - you know, just on the off chance that the Spurs choke our anemic offense into oblivion. For their part, the Spurs are 5-5 over their past ten games, and likely have this one circled as a “should win.”

Not if Quinn Cook has anything to say about it!

Spurs favored by 7; Warriors, Cook, favored in our hearts.

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