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Quinn Cook may already be on the Warriors roster next year

Bob Myers let it slip on The Greg Papa Show that the Warriors signed Quinn Cook to a two year, two-way contract

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Minnesota Timberwolves
Tricksy stuff from the Warriors
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In an interesting Quinnsanity-themed development, Bob Myers went on the Greg Papa Show and let slip towards the end of his interview that Warriors sensation Quinn Cook is currently on a two year, two-way deal.

In the course of the interview, Myers explained that this means that he can’t be scooped up by another team for their playoff roster if the Warriors don’t add him.

Much of the focus right now is rightly on whether Cook will make the playoff roster due to his fine play. It’s been well publicized that to do that the Warriors will need to create a roster spot by cutting someone, and converting his contract to a veteran minimum contract.

But what’s really interesting is that according to Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ, once converted the contract becomes a standard NBA contract that is in effect for the remainder of the term of the Two-Way contract.

Any Two-Way contract can be converted to a standard NBA contract at the team’s option. A Two-Way contract can be converted from the start of the July Moratorium through the day of the team’s last regular season game in the last year of the Two-Way contract.

Once converted, the contract becomes a standard NBA contract that is in effect for the remainder of the term of the Two-Way contract. The player’s salary becomes the NBA minimum salary based on his years of service (pro-rated based on when the contract is converted).

As this is the first year of these two-way contracts it’s all pretty murky. There’s a lot of ground unexplored, and questions unanswered. However there is some more information worth checking out on

For example, as Cook is on a two-way contract, another team can not just sign him. Presumably this is the case for next year as well even if his contract does not get converted to an NBA contract for the playoffs.

Can other NBA teams call up players on two-way contracts?

No. Players on two-way contracts have their NBA rights owned by the team they signed that contract with.

This is new protection for teams, but will limit the player’s opportunities in essence. If their team doesn’t need their services that season, then they might not get called up, or if they are then they might not see meaningful minutes in the NBA.

In short, whether or not Cook is on the playoff roster, it appears that he is currently under contract with the Warriors next year.

This is great news, and potentially one less headache to work through for the Warriors in retaining an increasingly valuable young player.

#Lightyears again, Bob Myers.

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