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Steph Curry leaves Friday’s game with a new injury

After finally returning from a right ankle injury, Steph Curry injured his left leg.

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors game on Friday night started off with great excitement, as Stephen Curry finally returned from a right ankle injury. It came to a screeching halt in the third quarter, when Curry left the game with yet another injury.

For better or for worse, Curry hurt his left leg this time. It happened when JaVale McGee, while contesting a shot, fell into Curry’s leg. It was very similar to when Zaza Pachulia injured Kevin Durant last year.

Curry tried to walk off the injury, before limping to the bench. Once on the bench, his body language made it painfully clear that he was incredibly frustrated. I can’t remember the last time Curry looked quite that distraught.

After trainer Chelsea Lane inspected Curry, he hobbled to the locker room, having to stop on his way.

As bad as it seems, the fact that Curry was able to put any weight on the leg is a good thing. The way that McGee fell into him is a torn ACL just waiting to happen, but (knock on wood) that wouldn’t seem to be the case by what followed.

As it is, it’s unclear whether Curry’s injury is to his ankle, his knee, or both.

It’s impossible to know the extent of the injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back very soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a very serious injury. Only time will tell.

We’ll keep you updated as news comes out.

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